Spring 3.1 not showing field errors using spring tags

After upgrading from Spring 3.1 we noted that many of our forms which have validation logic in the server side stopped displaying the error messages back to the original form submission.

Seems in certain circumstances when you create and return a new ModelAndView the BindingResult object is not appended to the Model automatically.

Adding the following lines is a quick work-around.  

Assuming method signature of:

public ModelAndView someMethod(@Valid User user, BindingResult result) {

if (result.hasErrors()) {

  ModelAndView modelAndView = new ModelAndView(PAGE);

  modelAndView.addAllObjects(result.getModel()); // added this line

  return modelAndView;



In our case we are not going to continue with this way of posting forms so we won’t invest more time in this.

I also noticed Spring has adopted the rails/grails ‘flash’ object which uses the session as a shared data store to pass messages or objects in between server side redirects, not a great pattern really.  Most Client MVC apps don’t need this complexity.


One thought on “Spring 3.1 not showing field errors using spring tags

  1. I found the cause was if you replace the model or form object which Spring creates. The ModelFactory.java adds the BindingResult to the model if it finds from the binderFactory for any entries in the model, but if the model object has been replaced the BindingResult will be empty and get silently recreated. Note that this was working in Spring 3.0… unintentionally?

    We will not be using Spring Form bindings in the future so this will be less of a problem.

    No errors or warnings, of course. This is Spring 🙂 Keep hopping!

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