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Personally, for me this year, my biggest technical advances were:

  • Learning bash scripting, provisioning servers, deployment scripts.
  • Developing on a Mac… yes I know i’m behind the curve here đŸ™‚
  • Changing to IntelliJ from Eclipse… it’s worth the $$$.
  • Forcing myself to use Sinatra to build an app rather than Rails… and building it up to the point where it is becoming a Rails app.
  • I will migrate it across once Rails 4 goes standard. This helps me appreciate what Rails gives you, what it forces you into, and understand more about which modules it wraps up and the conventions it gives you.
  • Learning the in-s and out-s of underscore.js and backbone.js – you can read and read but to grok it you need to code in it.  Underscore.js in particular is like an ant… a small creature that can lift 100 times it’s weight. Kudos guys it’s invaluable and gives much cleaner / functional code in javascript.
  • Getting a nice 14″ Lenovo i5/SSD/8GB to use on the train… any larger is uncomfortable. The new Mac Pro 13″ looks like a good size too.
  • Spending time *away* from code to give my ideas time to settle / step away from the keyboard. As valuable as coding itself.
  • Getting a Telstra 4G phone to use the internet on the train… for better or worse, the Telstra mobile network is very fast and reliable.

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