Tips to increase your dev-fu (java devs mainly):


  • switch to IntelliJ / RubyMine – fast searching (maybe notepad++ / grep / sublime is faster?) and if you are doing CSS / Javascript development I find it’s the most productive IDE for me.
  • spend 10 minutes every day asking yourself how to improve your IDE / environment… what do you spend the most time doing each day that is repetitive?
  • learn REGEX. It’s everywhere… if you have to replace/modify more than 2-3 LOC, use a find/replace. If that doesn’t fit, REGEX is your friend. Also learn SED once you’ve learned Linux 🙂
  • printout that keymap of your IDE… circle shortcuts you wanna learn then make a concious effort to learn them.  Test yourself the next day / week by trying to recall it with your muscle memory. Practising on different computers / keyboards reinforces it… especially mac vs. non-mac keyboards 🙂
  • Pair!!! I have learned the most shortcuts / configuration options from pairing or looking at others IDEs and asking questions.
  • Consider Chrome your browser of choice.  I was Firefox for a long time, but Chrome seems quicker and i’m more productive on it now.
  • if you are a frontend dev, research a bit on browser plugins for helpful tools like screen resizing, URL testing, JSON parsing, CSS reloading etc.
  • learn Linux, learn the shell and the command line…
  • learn Git (if you haven’t already), setup a few repos, patch some code on – it’s good for the soul 🙂

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